Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Oncoplastic surgery of the breast is performed to provide a mastectomy patient with exceptional medical and cosmetic results from the mastectomy alone, without the need for additional procedures. New technology has allowed for the development of advanced skin-sparing mastectomies that remove cancerous tissue while leaving the overlying skin intact.  Nipple sparing mastectomy is gaining popularity especially for prophylaxis in women with genetic predisposition to cancer.  Reconstruction of the breast can involve tissue expanders and implants and/ or flaps from the abdomen (TRAM) or back (latissimus).

Other oncoplastic procedures include breast-conserving surgery that removes the entire tumor, and then displaces nearby breast tissue into the affected area for an improved aesthetic outcome. The benefits to patients are less-invasive cancer treatments and a wider range of reconstruction options, as well as less scarring from surgery.  Often a breast reduction is performed after lumpectomy and prior to radiation therapy in women who feel they are too large yet do not want to have a mastectomy.  These procedure is usually covered by insurance.

This multidisciplinary surgical approach provides exceptional medical and cosmetic results.

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